Making Better Buildings

Cowan Eco Design is a new initiative headed up by Mark Elton, a recognised industry expert on low energy buildings, who brings with him a wealth of experience in this area of design having worked on exemplary new build and refurbishment projects across the country.

Whether you are looking to:

– reduce your energy costs;
– create a healthier, more comfortable space to live or work; or
– simply want to act more responsibly towards our environment,

choosing to build more ecologically is one of the most effective steps you can make.

Sustainable design embraces energy-saving construction techniques, avoids the use of environmentally-damaging building materials and seeks to create buildings that are simple to understand and operate yet economic to build.

With the right skills, passion and attention to detail, it is possible to build homes, offices, schools, community facilities or practically any type of building that can be:

– heated almost entirely through occupation and the warmth of the sun alone (yes, even here in the UK);
– equipped to harness that same solar power to generate hot water or electricity;
– crafted from components and technologies that don’t damage our environment;
– fashioned to deliver indoor spaces that are healthier to live in, regardless of the environment found beyond the doorstep.

Cowan Eco Design offers all this – an architectural design service infusing holistic, low energy, eco-friendly thinking into the DNA of your project from concept to completion.

Over the last 20 years Cowan Eco Design Director Mark has been responsible for a number of low carbon projects, developing particular expertise in retrofit projects and in designing to the Passivhaus standard. He was an active member of the Royal Institute of British Architect’s Sustainable Futures committee for 6 years and is a course tutor for the Retrofit Academy.

He was amongst the first wave of architects in England to train as an accredited European Passivhaus Designer and served on the jury for the 2014 International Passivhaus Awards as the UK representative.


Mark Elton
Director of Cowan Eco Design
Certified Passivhaus Design Architect