Refurbishment with an Eco upgrade

In terms of national efforts towards reducing energy demand and carbon emissions, improving the standards for new buildings only ever addresses part of the problem. There is an urgent need to tackle the condition of all our existing buildings since, even with increased rates of demolition and renewal, around 95% of all existing buildings will remain in 2050.

Retrofit is the term used to describe the upgrade of existing buildings with interventions to improve their energy performance and enhance comfort conditions. These refurbishments include such measure as:

– the addition of internal or external insulation;
– replacement fenestration
– improved air tightness and ventilation
– heating and hot water system upgrades.

Depending on the level of intervention, it is possible to achieve greatly enhanced performance and comfort standards akin to those for new buildings.

Cowan Eco Design is able to draw on Director Mark Elton’s award-winning experience at the forefront of this discipline to provide retrofit design services for your project; from buildings with a distinctive heritage value to post-war stock; from single dwellings to high rise estates; from offices to community buildings.

Mark has been responsible for many pioneering projects in this sector including terraced homes that have seen their energy use reduced by 80% despite minimal interventions as well as transformative large-scale social housing retrofit to the world-leading EnerPHit standard (the Passivhaus retrofit standard).

He has authored guidance on building fabric retrofit and delivers masterclasses on the subject on behalf of the Retrofit Academy, an alliance of leading practitioners in UK retrofit. To find out more about Cowan Eco Design and low carbon retrofit services, click here.